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2016 Jefferson County High School Homecoming Queen Megan Heggood a very special student at JCHS.
Coach Lush
September 24, 2016

On way home after VA refused to provide medical services to a disable vet about to have a mental health PTSD emergency. I repeat they refused me care

Ben Rodgers
September 20, 2016

Be it any vehicle, it definitely needs DMV service of one or the other kind. Online availability of these services has made it easy to save time & efforts.

September 16, 2016

Hello my name is debroah i  am located in Augusta ga beside the old wifesaver please come out to eat thanks see u sonn
September 1, 2016

 There are numerous of threats towards this boy , his family , and friends that they're talking about on Facebook.  Here's a screenshot of only a spec of what's being said.
August 27, 2016

Here's the picture . This 17 year old boy , Tavon, hand is WAY bigger than this handprint . So what's the actual story ?
August 27, 2016

Someone came onto my property, took my sign & put it on the front porch. HIllary's sheep don't like someone else's views. Trespassing, it is illegal to touch, remove, or vandalize someone's property.
August 11, 2016

Chief magistrate judge of Jefferson county has passed away
August 4, 2016

Get like me ?
Og Tam
August 3, 2016

Newly built Crowne Home in Graniteville, SC. Closed on 12/18/15. There has been issue after issue including a leaking roof resulting in interior damage. The issues are getting increasingly worse.

Candice Varnell
August 2, 2016

Local Jeep club and police officer help a family with a young daughter with Leukemia get air conditioners and install them at no cost to the family!
July 25, 2016

Walking at the RiverWalk and saw this guy near the rocks
July 25, 2016

Taken today on I-20 around 530 PM during rush hour in excess of 70 miles an hour and less than one car length behind the truck in front of them. Police should uphold the law, not violate it!
July 21, 2016

July 17, 2016

Police car got hit on the corner of Columbia road and Belair road in martinez
July 11, 2016
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